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Try It Tuesday - Lifesize Paper Doll Clothes

We are excited to bring our amazing community of diy-ers a weekly DIY craft that you can do with your kids, your family, or for yourself! This week, lifesize paper doll clothes!

DIY Workshop Buffalo NY

We've all been doing it the past couple of months. . .online shopping. Now, we have a plan for your boxes!

Materials Needed:

Cardboard Boxes

Clothing to trace

Creativity aka: things to decorate your paper doll with (markers, duct tape, magazine clippings, old fabric, glue, glitter, crayons, paint - anything!)

Try It:

Step One: Pick out a dress, or shirt and shorts and lay them flat on the cardbox box.

Step Two: Trace the item of clothing and draw "tabs" onto the shoulders and sides of your clothing outline.

Step Three: Cut out your clothes. (This step is easiest for an adult!)

Step Four: Use paint or tape to trace the outline of your clothes. (see first blog pic above!)

Step Five: Decorate. This is the fun part and you can be as simple or really get creative making designs and adding crazy touches with glitter and paint!

Step Six: Have a fashion show with your new outfits!

Step Seven: Get on Amazon and order a few more things for yourself so the kids can make more life sized paper doll outfits.

We love this project because it is perfect for a rainy day and the creativity for kids is truly endless. We also love it because it just might justify all of those Amazon boxes you've been collecting.

If you create this Try It Tuesday project, email us your pictures or message us the pictures on Facebook. We would love to see and share what you create!

And, if you're interested, check out our summer workshop schedule!


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