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Celebrate With 50% Off!

Things we love here at Loaded Lumber: summer, #DIYandDrink, new shiny things.

Come celebrate all three of these with us on August 22nd and August 24th, with 50% off our two most popular workshops! We are psyched to share our new DIY craft space in Buffalo, NY with everyone. Complete with new signs, a new bar, a new feature wall and so. much. more. Loaded Lumber is the place to be for craft, DIY or paint night in Buffalo!

DIY Welcome Signs - Everyone loves this custom sign that the neighbors will be totally jealous of (absolutely invite them!). Choose from up to 15 shapes (including a Buffalo of course) and create your own unique All Season Porch Sign. Use code "welcome" for 50% off the August 22nd class.

Boards, Brunch & Booze - Tired of not having a great brunch spot in the 716? There are plenty of amazing ones, but with a full spread, your own unique board, DIY and bottomless mimosas, ours gives everyone else a run for their money. Join us on August 24th and use code "brunch" for 50% off!

Lets celebrate together with some DIY!


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